Follow the tasks below before you begin the upgrade procedure.

Obtain the Latest Version of this Document

Ensure you are using the latest version of this guide by downloading the latest copy of the document from the AirWatch Resources Portal ( Workspace ONE UEM will make updates to these documents from time to time, and having the latest version ensures you are following the Workspace ONE UEM recommended practices and procedures.

Obtain the Upgrade Package Files

Next, ensure you have downloaded the upgrade package files from Workspace ONE UEM that are required to perform the upgrade procedure. To do this: 

  1. Navigate to
  2. Ensure your current Workspace ONE UEM Version is selected in the top-left.

  3. Select Workspace ONE UEM Software and then select Console.
  4. Search for the installer using the following format: "9.4.X Installer", where X is the FP you want to download.


    If you are on AirWatch v8.4 or below: Navigate to AirWatch Software > Upgrades and download the database upgrade package needed to bring the database version up to v9.0. For example, if you are on AirWatch v8.3, you would download the v8.3 to v9.0 database upgrade package.

  5. Download the installer, which includes the v9.4 application server installer and v9.4 database installer for v9.4.X.


    Workspace ONE UEM highly recommends that you retain the latest installer files.

Meet the Requirements

You should meet all of the requirements needed for a Workspace ONE UEM installation, which are outlined in the Workspace ONE UEM Recommended Architecture Guide. This is because requirements may have changed since you originally installed Workspace ONE UEM. In addition, if your device count has changed since performing the initial installation please reference this documentation to ensure your systems are still compatible.


As of AirWatch Version 9.2 we have changed our supported SQL versions. Please check the latest list of prerequisites in the Recommended Architecture Guide to ensure your current version is supported.


While it is not required on your database server, .NET is required to run the installer. If you would like to avoid installing .NET on your database server and a potential reboot you can run the installer from one of the Workspace ONE UEM application servers.

Prepare for Downtime

During the upgrade process, the Workspace ONE UEM console, enrollment, and device management will be down. For change window request purposes, the upgrade process typically takes a minimum of four hours. This number may vary based on the number of devices, number of services, and number of versions you are upgrading.

Contact Your On-Call Resources

Before you begin, ensure you have the proper on-call resources available should you need them. This would include technical resources such as the Database Analyst, Change Manager, Server Administrator, Network Engineer and MDM System Administrator.

Determine Your Workspace ONE UEM Version

Determine what version of Workspace ONE UEM you are running so you can follow the version-dependent instructions in this guide. To determine your version of Workspace ONE UEM:

  1. Log in to the server where Workspace ONE UEM is installed.
  2. Navigate to Start > Control Panel > Programs and Features and locate Workspace ONE UEM in the program list.

    The version you are running is listed in the Version column.


Your database version, which you may need to know as part of the upgrade process, should be the same as your Workspace ONE UEM version. If it is not, then contact Workspace ONE Support.