Change the look and feel of applications to reflect the unique brand of your company with Branding settings when you configure the app to use the default SDK settings.

See Supported Settings and Policies Options for the SDK to find out which default settings the SDK supports. Find the matrix in the Workspace ONE UEM Mobile Application Management Guide. To know what default settings Workspace ONE UEM applications support, see the topics for that specific application.

  1. Navigate to Groups & Settings > All Settings > Apps > Settings and Policies > Settings.
  2. Select Enabled for Branding and then complete the following options.
    Setting Description

    Reflect your company colors by choosing colors for the Workspace ONE UEM console from the color palette beside the color options.

    Choose primary and secondary colors listed options including tool bars and text.

    Organization Name Enter the name that represents your organization to display in the Workspace ONE UEM system.
    Device Backgrounds

    Upload images that the system displays as the background and as the logo for the organization on the listed device types.

    • Apple iOS options
      • Background Image iPhone
      • Background Image iPhone (Retina)
      • Background Image iPhone 5 (Retina)
      • Background Image iPad
      • Background Image iPad (Retina)

    • Android options
      • Background Image Small
      • Background Image Medium
      • Background Image Large
      • Background Image Extra Large
    • Platform neutral options
      • Company Logo Phone
      • Company Logo Phone High Res
      • Company Logo Tablet
      • Company Logo Tablet High Resolution
  3. Save your settings.

For more topics about the SDK and mobile application management, see MAM Functionality With SDK Functions.

Find out the ratios that often work best for branding and icons when you upload images for iOS devices in Dimensions for Images on iOS Devices.