It is difficult to find a single image that displays perfectly on every mobile device. However, certain ratios and dimensions for the images displayed on iOS devices can work for most displays.

Find out the ratios that often work best for branding and icons when you upload images for iOS devices.

Max Constraints

  • iPhone – Not exceeding a ratio of 2.88 width over height.
  • iPad – Not exceeding a ratio of 4.39 width over height.

Logo Ratios

  • iPhone – 1.35 width over height.
  • iPad – 1.26 width over height.

Other Considerations

If the image exceeds a height of 111 points (iPhone) or 175 points (iPad), then the image scales down while maintaining the aspect ratio. Points, which are specific to Apple iOS, differ from pixels. The conversion from points to pixel depends specifically on the device. Examples include the following ratios:

  • iPhone 4 – 1 point = 1 pixel.
  • Retina iPads – 1 point = 2 pixels.
  • iPhone 6 Plus – 1 point = 3 pixels.

See Configure Branding for the SDK Profile for details on how to set branding for your SDK profile.