Configure Browser app to deploy as a public application and utilize this simplified deployment workflow to seamlessly push Browser to end users.

  1. Navigate to Apps & Books > Applications > Native > Public.
  2. Select Add Application.

  3. Configure the fields on the screen that appears:

    Setting Description
    Managed By View the organization group the application uploads in.
    Platform Choose the appropriate platform.
    Name Enter a descriptive name in the field to help search for the application in an app store.
    Search App Store

    Select to search for the application in the app store.

    In order to search the Google Play Store in an on-premises deployment, you must integrate a Google Account with the Workspace ONE UEM MDM environment. See Google Play Integration in the MAM Guide, available on Accessing Other Documents, for more information.

  1. Review the information that automatically populates in the Info tab.

  2. Add smart groups from the Assignment tab.
  3. Use the Deployment tab to determine how your end users receive the app. End users find and download recommended apps in the app store. To make finding and deploying it easier, you can recommend it through Workspace ONE UEM or automatically push it to your devices.
  4. Assign Terms of Use, if desired.
  5. Save and Publish.