Once you filter a subset of devices, you can perform bulk actions to multiple devices by selecting devices and then selecting from the action button cluster.


For more information, see Selecting Devices in Device List View.

Bulk actions are only available in the Device List View if they are enabled in the system settings ( Groups & Settings > All Settings > System > Security > Restricted Actions). Password Protect Actions require a PIN to perform.

With devices selected in the List View, the number of devices selected is displayed next to the action buttons. This number includes filtered devices that are selected as well.

Bulk Management Limit in Device List View

You can set a maximum number of devices that can receive a bulk action command to ensure smooth operations when managing a large device fleet.

Change these limits by navigating to Groups & Settings > All Settings > Devices & Users > Advanced > Bulk Management.

When a bulk management limit is in place and multiple devices are selected, a link appears next to the 'number of items selected' message which reads: Some actions disabled due to bulk limits.

Queued Bulk Action Warning in Device List View

Bulk actions take time to process. When you initiate a new bulk action while the Workspace ONE ™ UEM console is processing an existing bulk action, a warning message displays.

Your previous bulk actions requested are still being processed. This request is run
                     once the previous actions are complete. Do you want to continue with the current request?

Select Yes to add the new bulk action to the queue. Select No to cancel the new bulk action.