Sync your network's existing corporate file servers with Workspace ONE UEM by configuring an Admin Repository, an Automatic User-Added Repository, or a Manual User-Added repository. The available configurations impact the "trigger" that initiates the syncing of content to devices.

Use this macro-level configuration overview to gain insight into the start-to-finish process of enabling end-users access to the Corporate File Server content.

  1. Configure a repository in the UEM console. For more information about integration, see Overview for Content Management Enterprise Integration Solution.
  2. Download the configured Content Gateway installer.
  3. Run the Content Gateway installer.
  4. Verify connectivity between the UEM console and Content Gateway.
  5. Evaluate your organization's need for multiple Content Gateway nodes. Global organizations with concerns about latencies caused by geographical separations can use this functionality.

    If opting out of multiple nodes, proceed directly to Corporate File Server Support.

  6. Configure an Admin repository or sync Corporate File Servers (CFS) in the UEM console. For more information about configuring the Admin repository and enabling CFS sync, see Configure an Admin Repository and Sync Corporate File Servers.

    If configuring an Admin Repository, select Test Connection to ensure connectivity.

  7. Configure VMware Content Locker in the UEM console. For more information, see Configure VMware Content Locker.
  8. Deploy Workspace ONE UEM Applications to your device fleet. For more information, see Public Applications Overview.