Upgrade Content Gateway

To access the latest iteration, upgrade the Content Gateway. Any custom changes you make to the configuration files after the original installation is lost, so you can create backups of these files to reference later.


  1. From UEM console, navigate to Groups & Settings > All Settings > Content > Content Gatewayin an Organization Group with at least one configured and saved Content Gateway node.
  2. To retrieve the existing Content Gateway instance configuration as XML file, select the configuration using the radio button and then select Download Configuration.
  3. Enter and confirm a password for the certificate. The password must contain a minimum of six characters. You can also use Content Gateway GUID to retrieve configurations using APIs.
  4. From the More Actions menu, select Download Installer to configure Content Gateway using Content Gateway installer. You are redirected to the My Workspace ONE portal page to download the Content Gateway installer files.
  5. On the My Workspace ONE portal page for Content Gateway, select the required platform, app, and Console version.
  6. Select Installs And Upgrades and then select the Content Gateway installer file to begin the download.

  7. After the download, continue with the steps for Installing the Content Gateway – Basic or Installing the Content Gateway – Relay-Endpoint.