Use the SDK for Android by selecting the SDK components you want to integrate. Meet the requirements to integrate your application and the SDK. Ensure to whitelist your application so that the Workspace ONE UEM system recognizes the application and identifies its integration with the SDK.

Component Descriptions

The SDK for Android has three components: the Client, the AWFramework, and the NetworkLibrariesSDK. Each component build upon the next. For descriptions of each components, see Introduction to the AirWatch SDK for Android.

Select the components to integrate with your application by choosing the SDK features you want to use. Review a lists of the component matched with their respective features in Compare the Client SDK and AWFramework .


View a list of required components and systems to use the AirWatch SDK for Android in Requirements.

Migrate Your SDK Version

Add the necessary libraries and add dependencies to Gradle. Also ensure that the base classes have the latest code. Select the migration method based on if you use the login module. For information, see Migrate to the Latest AirWatch SDK for Android.

Whitelist Applications

Whitelist the signing key for your application with the Workspace ONE UEM system so that you can use the SDK APIs. For explanations of how to whitelist internal and public applications, see Internally Deployed Applications and Publicly Deployed Applications.