Organization groups can accommodate functional, geographic, and organization entities and enable a multi-tenancy solution.

  • Scalability – Flexible support for exponential growth.
  • Multi-tenancy – Create groups that function as independent environments.
  • Inheritance – Streamline the setup process by setting child groups to inherit parent configurations.

Defining OGs Multi-tenancy

Using the example of the organization group drop-down menu, profiles, features, applications, and other MDM settings can be set at the 'World Wide Enterprises' level.

Settings are inherited down to child organization groups, such as Asia/Pacific and EMEA or even further down to grand-child Australia > Manufacturing Division or even great grand-child Australia > Operations Division > Corporate.

Settings between sibling organization groups such as Asia/Pacific and EMEA take advantage of the multi-tenant nature of OGs, by keeping these settings separate from one another. However, these two sibling OGs do inherit settings from their parent OG, World Wide Enterprises.

Alternatively, you may choose to override settings at a lower level and alter only the settings that you want to change or keep. These settings can be altered or carried down at any level.