Each Chrome OS device in your organization's deployment must be enrolled before it can communicate with AirWatch and access internal content and features. This is facilitated with the AirWatch Agent extension.

This section will cover the enrollment types you will set in the Workspace ONE UEM console and enrollment process end users are to follow to download the AirWatch Agent Extension to their Chrome OS devices.

You will have two ways for getting Chrome OS devices ready for deployment with AirWatch. You can use either of the following:

  • Use your Google Admin Console to force install the Chrome OS extension to the Chrome OS devices. If this is done, end users will not be able to remove the extension from their device.
  • Allow end users to install the Chrome OS extension from the Chrome Web Store. You will provide end users with a link to access the Chrome Web Store to download the extension to their Chrome OS device and then walk through the enrollment process.

Please contact Google if you have any questions on how to use your Google Admin Console.

If the AirWatch Agent is going to be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store, admins can send a message to end users that will prompt them to enroll their Chrome OS devices into AirWatch. This message may include any of the following:

  • The link the end user will use to access the Chrome Web Store to download the enrollment extension (if not being pushed with the Google Admin Console).
  • A set of user credentials the end users will need to enroll their device into the Workspace ONE UEM console .
  • The enrollment user token used for token enrollment, if necessary.