Create Chrome OS device profiles to ensure proper usage of devices, and device functionality. Profiles serve many different purposes; from letting you enforce rules and procedures to tailoring and preparing Chrome OS devices for how they will be used with AirWatch.

The individual settings you configure, such as those for restrictions and bookmarks, are referred to as payloads. In most cases, AirWatch recommends that you only configure one payload per profile, which means you will have multiple profiles for the different settings you want to push to devices. For example, you can create a profile to restrict users from saving passwords and another to block certain websites.

Device Access

Some device profiles configure the settings for accessing an Chrome OS device. Use these profiles to ensure that access to a device is limited only to authorized users.

Some examples of device access profiles include:

Device Security

Ensure that your Chrome OS devices remain secure through device profiles. These profiles configure the native Chrome OS security features or configure corporate security settings on a device through AirWatch.

Device Configuration

Configure the various settings of your Chrome OS devices with the configuration profiles. These profiles configure the device settings to meet your business needs.