An application built with Swift that uses the SDK does only flips to retrieve account information. It does not flip to the anchor application to retrieve data, like environment information, and to lock and unlock operations.

In the Objective-C SDK, applications needed to flip to the anchor application to retrieve environment information, account details, and to perform all lock and unlock operations.

Cluster Session Management Explanation

The latest SDK for iOS (Swift) introduces a new mechanism using the shared keychain for SDK apps to communicate with other SDK apps on the device. This approach provides benefits from both a security and a user experience perspective.

SDK applications built by the same developer account and that are also in the same keychain group or “cluster” can now share an app passcode and an SSO session without requiring a flip to the AirWatch Agent, Container, or Workspace ONE every time authentication is required.

However, applications on the same device built by different keychain groups cannot take advantage of this passcode sharing capability. There are some scenarios that still require a flip to the AirWatch Agent or anchor app to obtain the server URL and other setup information. This particular flip should only occur once per cluster of applications.