This section contains topics for configuring content repositories for your end users. It also covers setting up personal content repositories if you choose to use them and managing content files if you choose to upload content directly to the Workspace ONE UEM console.



If you're just getting started with content management, this section provides a comprehensive overview on the solutions and options discussed in this documentation.

File Storage

This section covers the content management integration solutions that provide file storage capabilities for your organization's content.

Corporate File Servers

This section provides information about configuring preexisting corporate file servers with AirWatch Content Management Solution. This enables the end users to access content from locations within your organization's corporate network.

Workspace ONE UEM Content Repositories

This section explains how you can manage the content you upload directly to the UEM console.

Personal Content Repositories

This section provides information about enabling your end users with a personal content repository to store, share, and manage their own content.

Content Management

This section explains how you can manage content you upload or your linked file servers from the UEM console.