Increase the level of logging to capture additional verbose log entries for Workspace ONE UEM core components.

To manage logging levels, see Manage the Core Component Logging Level.

To implement targeted verbose logging, see Enable Targeted Logging.

Error Log Example

Workspace ONE UEM error logs use the following format:

                  2017/06/21 19:07:12.243
                     1	EX-DS111
                     2	11aaabbccc-dddee-1111-22ff-06gggg7777773	[0000000-0000000]
                     4   (14)
                     5 	Error
                     6	AirWatch.CloudConnector.Client.AccServiceClient.SendRequest
                     7 	Received a Failure message from AWCM: Destination not reachable at this moment

Info Log Example

Workspace ONE UEM info logs use the following format:

                  2017/09/07 14:46:57.852
                     1             EX-DS111
                     2           ca9562a7-c87c-4c3b-a1e1-ca35a88555ab
                     3               [0000052-0000000]
                     4   (20)
                     5             Info
                     6                WanderingWiFi.AirWatch.Console.Web.Controllers.HomeController
                     7          Method: WanderingWiFi.AirWatch.Console.Web.Controllers.HomeController.Index;
                     LocationGroupID: 7; UserID: 52; UserName: TEST_USER; Parameters: <N/A>;  69eddd96-9a81-47e9-a78a-dd20c845426b

Log Example Key

Every log entry contains the following information:

  1. Date and time for the log entry.
  2. Server identifier for the log entry.
  3. Server communication thread identifier for the log entry.
  4. Device or user identifier for the log entry.
  5. VMware AirWatch internal code for the log entry.
  6. Logging level for the log entry.
  7. Associated service of the log entry.
  8. Log message for the log entry.