After you create the Workspace ONE UEM database, you must configure the credentials of the SQL user that will run the Workspace ONE UEM database setup utility.

  1. Open SQL Server Management Studio.

  2. Log in to the DB server containing the Workspace ONE UEM database.


  3. Navigate to Security > Login, right-click, and select New Login.
  4. Select whether to use a Windows account or local SQL Server account for authentication. For SQL Server authentication, enter your user credentials.
  5. Select the Workspace ONE UEM database as the Default database.
  6. Navigate to the Server Roles tab. Select server role as Public.


  7. Select User Mapping.

    • Select the Workspace ONE UEM Database. Then, select the db_owner role.

      For a successful installation, you must ensure that the SQL User you are planning to run the Workspace ONE UEM Database Script with has the database db_owner role selected.


    • Select the msdb Database. Then, select the SQLAgentUserRole and db_datareader roles. SQLAgentUserRole is not pictured below due to space constraints.


  8. Select OK.