Integrate Workspace ONE UEM with Dell Command | Monitor to enhance the information Workspace ONE UEM collects from enrolled Dell enterprise devices. This integration also allows you to configure device BIOS settings.


Integrating with Dell Command | Monitor to enhance the device management of Dell enterprise devices. With this integration, Workspace ONE UEM reports the device battery health status and certain BIOS settings.

Supported Devices

  • Dell OptiPlex™ desktop devices
  • Dell Precision Workstation™ desktop and laptop devices
  • Dell Latitude™ laptop devices

Add Dell Command | Monitor to Workspace ONE UEM

To integrate Dell Command | Monitor with Workspace ONE UEM, add the program as an internal Win32 application in the Workspace ONE UEM Console. For more information, see Add Dell Command | Monitor to Workspace ONE UEM.

BIOS Profile

Configure certain BIOS settings on Dell enterprise devices using a BIOS profile. The settings allow you to control hardware virtulization and BIOS security. For more information, see Configure a BIOS Profile (Windows Desktop).

Battery Health Status

The overall health of a battery affects the lifespan of a device. With Dell Command | Monitor, monitor the health of your Dell enterprise device batteries. This health does not show the current charge of the battery but reports status of the ability to hold a charge, time to charge to full, and other factors as a percentage. According to Dell, any battery with a status under 25% should be replaced.