Once you configure a Mobile Email Management (MEM) deployment, the devices of the associated organization group syncs up with MEM. You can view the devices detail and status on the Email Dashboard page of the UEM console.

When the devices appear on the dashboard depends on the deployment models the devices are assigned to. Devices managed with the SEG Proxy appear on the Dashboard when the SEG Proxy reports the device as connected and managed. Those managed with PowerShell appear on the Dashboard when Workspace ONE UEM sends a PowerShell cmdlet, allowing the device to connect to email. Devices managed with Gmail appear on the Dashboard when the SEG Proxy Workspace ONE UEM EAS profile is queued up for the device.

The Email Dashboard shows one of the following statuses:

  • Managed Assigned - Enrolled devices with identified memconfigID.
  • Managed Unassigned - Enrolled devices for which the memConfigID has not yet been identified through profile assignment or auto discovery.
  • Unmanaged Discovered - Devices not yet enrolled in Workspace ONE UEM and a specific MEM configuration at the organization group that has discovered them.