This section contains topics for managing devices across a variety of platforms. It also covers managing a BYOD deployment, remote management, telecom management, and more.


Device Management (General)

Use the console pages described in this section to manage devices in your deployment, regardless of platform type. Configure settings that affect your entire device fleet, such as wipe protection.

Device Management (By Platform)

Certain device management actions are specific to a particular platform. Consult this section to view settings you can configure for the various platforms.

Compliance Policies

Configure compliance policies to ensure end-user devices are compliant with your corporate policies. This sections covers how to create and manage your policies.

Privacy and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

This section covers privacy options for BYOD deployments. Use customized privacy policies and define granular privacy settings to protect employee-owned devices and ensure employee privacy.

Remote Management

Certain platforms support remote management from the UEM console, which lets you easily troubleshoot end-user issues. This functionality has a number of technical prerequisites, so review this section carefully before attempting to implement remote management.

Product Provisioning

Jump to the Product Provisioning section, with a list of specific sections you can reference for the functionality.

Telecom Management

If purchased by your organization, the UEM console offers a number of advanced telecom management features, which are covered in this section.

Shared Devices

Workspace ONE UEM can manage shared devices, which are devices that end users jointly use at different times. This section covers configuring shared device functionality, which is available for certain platforms.


Tags can help you better manage and identify specific devices within your deployment. This section covers how to create, add, and manage tags.