Use the AirWatch Unified Agent to start enrollment of your Windows Desktop devices. The AirWatch Unified Agent provides a simplified enrollment flow for end users that is quick and easy to follow.

To enroll Windows 7 devices using the AirWatch Unified Agent:

  1. Navigate to The AirWatch Unified Agent Installer begins downloading.
  2. Start the installer once the download completes.
  3. Select Run to begin the installation.

  4. Select Email if you have AirWatch Auto-Discovery enabled, otherwise select Server Detail.
  5. Complete the settings required based on the authentication type selected:
    • Enter the email address to auto-fill the server details screen. Select Next and the details are entered.
    • Enter the Server Name and Group ID if you are not using AirWatch Auto-Discovery to complete the settings. Select Next.
  6. Enter the Username and Password and select Next (Windows 7 images only).
  7. Complete any optional screens.
  8. Select Finish to complete the enrollment.

Once completed, Workspace ONE UEM pushes profiles and products to the device.