The AirWatch Unified Agent, available through the Windows Store, provides a single resource for enrollment and facilitates communication between the device and the AirWatch Unified Agent Console. Use the AirWatch Unified Agent to simplify enrollment and enable full MDM functionality.

Consider using the AirWatch Unified Agent for Windows to enroll your Windows 7 devices as the AirWatch Agent provides the simplest enrollment flow for users. You may also consider to start enrollment.

The same AirWatch Agent works for both Windows Desktop and Windows 7 devices. When the AirWatch Agent installer runs on a device, the AirWatch Agent checks the enrollment status of the device. If the device is enrolled through Windows Desktop, the AirWatch Agent acts as the AirWatch Protection Agent and installs onto the device. If the device is not enrolled, the AirWatch Agent begins the enrollment process to enroll the device as a Windows 7 device.


If the enrollment process is interrupted, launching the AirWatch Unified Agent again automatically re-initiates the enrollment process. To relaunch the , double-click the icon.