A Windows 7 might be behind a proxy server that may prevent you from enrolling devices. if you use a proxy server, configure the proxy settings for the AirWatch Unified Agent.

To set up the Proxy configuration:

  1. Start the AirWatch Unified Agent.

  2. Select the Settings icon ( Win32_Agent_ProxyIcon).


  3. Select the appropriate Proxy Settings:
    Settings Descriptions
    Auto-detect Select to have the AirWatch Unified Agent automatically detect the proxy settings configured on the device browser and use those settings for communication with the Workspace ONE UEM Console.
    Manual Select to configure the proxy settings manually for the AirWatch Unified Agent.
    Proxy Type Displays HTTP as the proxy type.
    Server Enter the proxy server URL and port number.
    Proxy Server Requires a Password Enable to enter the Username and Password for the proxy server.
  4. Select Save to apply the Proxy Settings.

    Use Test Settings before saving and applying the proxy settings.

  5. Select Finish to apply the settings and close the AirWatch Unified Agent.