Download and install the AirWatch Unified Agent onto a device without requiring end-user interaction. This enrollment flow allows you to bypass end users and enroll devices quickly and easily.


If you are storing the AirWatch Unified Agent on a network drive for later use, ensure that you are downloading the latest version of the AirWatch Unified Agent from Also, you can refer to Silent Enrollment Agent Requirements.

To enroll silently:

  1. Navigate to to download the AirWatch Unified Agent.

    Only download the AirWatch Unified Agent. Do not start the executable or select Run as that initiates a standard enrollment process and defeats the purpose of silent enrollment.

    If necessary, move the AirWatch Unified Agent from the download folder to a local or network drive folder.

  2. Open a command line or create a BAT file and enter all the necessary paths, parameters, and values using information shown in Enrollment Parameters and Values.
  3. Run the command. For examples of typical syntax, see Examples of Silent Enrollment.

The AirWatch Unified Agent is installed on the Windows device without requesting you to select any acknowledgment buttons.