Allow All Directory Users to Enroll?


Yes No


There are elements you need to consider before deciding.

  • If yes, then you are not implementing any enrollment restrictions with respect to userbase. This simply means if a user has an account in your directory services, then they are clear to get a Workspace ONE ™ UEM account. You will be given many chances to restrict enrollment in different ways if you select to allow all directory users to enroll.
  • If no, then you are expected to limit enrollment to a subset of your full directory services account list. This usually means registering devices so they can be pre-screened for enrollment. There are many ways to register your devices which are addressed later in this 'No' branch of the workflow.

For more information about how to initiate the process of importing your directory service accounts into Workspace ONE UEM (whether you are restricting enrollment to registered devices or not), see Directory Service User Integration Overview followed by Batch Import Directory Users.


Would you like to start the device enrollment decision tree over again? Visit Device Enrollment Overview.