Are You Registering Your Corporate Devices?


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There are elements you need to consider before deciding.

The first thing to understand about registering devices is that it is optional. Registering devices is not required for enrollment.


If Registering Devices Is Not Required, Then Why Do It?

The two main benefits to registering devices prior to enrollment is 1) to restrict enrollment to known users only (for example, if you are integrating with directory services but want to limit enrollment to a subset of your entire DS account listing) and 2) to track enrollment statuses.


How Do I Restrict Enrollment to Registered Devices Only?

Enable the option described in Restrict Enrollment to Registered Devices Only.


Why and How Would I Track the Enrollment Status of Devices In My Fleet?

Find out both the reasons why tracking enrollment status is helpful and how to do it by reading Tracking Device Enrollment Status.


Would you like to start the device enrollment decision tree over again? Visit Device Enrollment Overview.