Are Your Users Going to Self Enroll?


Yes No


There are elements you need to consider before deciding.


  • Do your end users already have assigned corporate devices? In such a case, it may not be practical to collect each device and have it staged. Instead, it may be more practical to have users enroll themselves.
  • Are your end users sharing devices or do they have their own dedicated devices? If end users are not sharing devices, then you can make it the responsibility of that device's single owner to enroll themself.


Can Autodiscovery be Used to Enroll Devices?

Yes. Auto discovery is the process of associating your organization's email domain with your Workspace ONE ™ UEM environment. This process means that end users need only enter email address and credentials to enroll their devices. The enrollment URL and Group ID are automatically entered.

For more information, see Autodiscovery Enrollment.

See also Configure Autodiscovery Enrollment From a Child Organization Group and Configure Autodiscovery Enrollment From a Parent Organization Group.


Do You Have to Register a Device Before You Enroll a Device?

No. For more information, see Device Registration.


Are There Alternatives to Users Enrolling Devices Themselves?


Device Staging. For more information, see Self-Enrollment vs Device Staging.

Pre-Registration. For more information, see Pre-registration of Devices.


Would you like to start the device enrollment decision tree over again? Visit Device Enrollment Overview.