The following tasks must be completed before proceeding with the steps outlined in this documentation:

  • Workspace ONE UEM version 8.0 or greater.
  • VMware Enterprise Systems Connector is required if the Entrust IdentityGuard instance is installed behind a firewall.
  • An Entrust IdentityGuard instance needs to be available.
  • Configure Entrust IdentityGuard for mobile enrollment. Contact your Entrust representative to complete the following steps.

    1. Configure an Entrust Managed CA in Entrust IdentityGuard. Adding a Managed CA allows Entrust IdentityGuard to communicate with your Security Manager CA.
    2. Configure a Digital ID Configuration in Entrust IdentityGuard. A Digital ID Configuration is a template that Entrust IdentityGuard uses to issue digital IDs.
    3. Configure the Entrust IdentityGuard digital ID policies.
    4. Mirror the password rules set in Security Manager and Entrust IdentityGuard. If the password rules do not match, errors can occur when issuing digital IDs.
    5. Add an Entrust IdentityGuard administrator that your Workspace ONE UEM MDM will use to issue digital IDs.