You can determine the environment URL and login credentials, generate certificates for managing platforms, configure telecom, privacy settings, customize the Workspace ONE ™ Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) console, and more.

UEM Console Basics: URL and Login Credentials

Now that you have completed Workspace ONE UEM installation, what is your URL? And what credentials do you use to log in? Find out by reviewing Log Into the Workspace ONE UEM console.

Adding iOS Devices to Your Fleet

iOS devices are easy to use and enterprise-friendly making them popular among users and businesses. But before you can manage iOS devices, you must first obtain an Apple Push Notification Service (APNs) certificate. For more information, see APNs Certificates.

Terms of Use

Communicate clearly to your end users about your expectations over device use and legal liabilities with an agreement covering terms of use (TOU). You can provide a customized version of the TOU to specific user groups and platforms and create language-specific versions of the TOU. You can also make agreement with the TOU a prerequisite to enrollment. For more information, see Terms of Use.

Console Branding and Restricted Actions

Customize the look of the UEM console including, logos, color themes, and cascading style sheets (CSS). For more information, see Console Branding.

Restricting UEM console actions creates a second layer of security by requiring the admin to enter their password again when performing certain destructive tasks. For more information, see Restricted UEM Console Actions.