In addition to apps, books, video channels, and products, smart groups apply to device profiles and compliance policies. This flexibility lets you exclude selected smart groups and user groups from profiles and policies.

For example, if you want a compliance policy for all users in the company except executives, take the following steps.

Exclude Another Smart Group

Make two smart groups, one consisting of all users and another containing executives. Create the Compliance Policy and assign it to the "all users" smart group then specify the "executives" smart group in the Exclusions option.

  1. While adding a device profile or compliance policy, select Yes next to the Exclusions setting to display the Excluded Groups option.
  2. In the Excluded Groups setting, select those groups that you want to exclude from the assignment of this profile or policy. You can alternatively make a new group by selecting the Create Assignment Group button.

    If you select the same group in both the Assigned Groups and Excluded Groups settings, then the profile or policy fails to save.

  3. Preview the affected devices by selecting View Device Assignment.