AirWatch features and functionality differ by each supported Windows Phone Platform.

Feature Windows Phone 8.0 Windows Phone 8.1 Windows 10 Mobile
Activation & Enrollment

Native Client Enrollment

Agent Based Enrollment
Native Enrollment with Web Dialog  
Force EULA/Terms of Use Acceptance
Support for Option Prompts during Enrollment
Active Directory/ LDAP
Cloud Domain Join     3
Messaging (Architecture)
Email Messages
Push Notifications
Real Time Profile and Command Delivery  
Security Policies & Commands
Password Policy
Lock, Ring, and Change Passcode Commands
Enterprise Wipe
Full Device Wipe    
Corporate Resource Provisioning
Email & Exchange ActiveSync

Root and CA Certificate Management
Client Certificate Management (PFX)    
Client Certificate Management (SCEP) 1
Device Restrictions and Settings 2 2 2
Windows Hello     3
Application Management
Silent App Installation  
Silent App Update
Silent App Removal  
App Whitelisting and Blacklisting  
Assigned Access (Kiosk Mode)  
AirWatch Applications
VMware Browser
VMware Content Locker
Asset Tracking
Asset Tracking
Device Status
IP Address
Remote Management Support

Send Support Message (Email and SMS only)

Change Device Passcode

1 – While Windows Phone 8.0 supports Personal certificates, the platform cannot install these certificates silently. End-user input is required.

2 – Restrictions and Settings vary by OS.

3 – Requires a Premium Azure AD license.