This section outlines the available VMware Browser features by platform, reflecting the app versions available as of MMMM yyyy.

VMware Browser Compatibility Matrix by Platform

Features iOS Android
Browsing Settings
Restrict Access to Only Whitelisted Sites
Restrict Access Based on Blacklisted Sites
IP Browsing
Set Default Home Page URL with Support for Lookup Values
Kiosk Mode
Return Home after Configurable Inactivity Period
Clear Cookies and History with Home
Security Wi-Fi/Roaming Restrictions
Multiple Tabs Support  
Data Loss Prevention    
Disable Cookies
Clear Cookies Upon Exit
Remember History
Clear Cookies and History if Idle for Predefined Period
"awb://" and "awbs://" Protocols Force Links to Open in VMware Browser
Enable caching
Limit Access Based on Network Connection    
Limit Access if Roaming  
Limit Access if using Cellular Network
Limit Access Based on SSID
Second Factor Passcode
Single Sign On
SSL Encryption in Transit
AES 256-Bit Encryption at Rest
Browser Interface
Document Support    
Display PDF Documents ✓***
Display MS Office Documents (PowerPoint, Word, Excel) ✓***
Display MAC Documents (Keypoint, Pages, Numbers) ✓***
Navigation and UI    
Predefined Bookmarks
Friendly Name for Bookmarks
Universal Bar for Search and Navigation
See Allowed Sites (when whitelisting is enabled)
Tabbed Browsing
Javascript Popup Support
Browse HTML-based Websites (HTML, PHP, etc.)
HTML5, CSS3 & JavaScript
AJAX Support
Request Desktop
Http/Https and Awb/Awbs Protocols
Ftp/Ftps Protocol  
Market:// (Google Play Store)  
Customizable Terms of Use
NTLM ✓**

*Clears only history, not cookies

**Due to platform limitations, Android Browser only supports NTLM v1.

***VMware Browser for Android uses VMware Content Locker to display PDF and MS Office documents. VMware Content Locker does not support MAC documents, hence other third party apps must be used to display MAC documents.