Workspace ONE UEM offers a flexible deployment feature for internal and public applications. They are flexible because they allow you to schedule multiple application deployment scenarios.

You can configure deployments for internal applications for a specific time and let the Workspace ONE UEM console carry out the deployments without further interaction.

The flexible deployment feature resides in the Assign sections of the application area and offers advantages to the assigning process.

  • Configure deployment assignments.
  • Assign multiple deployments simultaneously.
  • Order assignments so that critical deployments are not missed due to the limited bandwidth.
  • Customize assignments for multiple smart groups.

See Add Assignments to Applications for the steps to assign applications to devices. For descriptions of the available options to edit deployment schedules and to view configurations set for the application when it was uploaded to the console, see Flexible Deployment for Applications Setting Descriptions.

Read Flexible Deployment Conflicts and Priorities for an explanation of how priorities can cause conflicts with deployment schedules.

Go to Control Batch Options for Flexible Deployments to read about the options to control batch releases of application assignments.