After selecting QR Code enrollment in the Enrollment Configuration wizard, create a QR Code to scan with your Android 7.0 or later devices to stage the device quickly. The wizard simplifies the staging configuration process.

To create a QR code using the wizard.

  1. After taking note of the prerequisites, select Configure to begin.
  2. You can connect the device to Wi-Fi prior to enrollment by enabling the Wi-Fi toggle. This enabling action displays the following options.

    Setting Description
    SSID Enter the Service Set Identifier, more commonly known as the name of the Wi-Fi Network.
    Password Enter the Wi-Fi password for the entered SSID.
  3. Select Next.
  4. Select the AirWatch Agent to push to devices during staging. The default selection is Use latest AirWatch Agent.

    If you do not have an AirWatch Agent added, select Hosted on an external URL and enter the address in the URL text box to point to an externally-hosted AirWatch Agent Package.

  5. Select Next.
  6. Set the Enrollment Details settings. To use token-based authentication, leave both options disabled.

    Setting Description
    Configure Organization Group
    Organization Group Enable and select the organization group the QR Code staging package uses.
    Configure Login Credentials
    User name

    Enable to configure login credentials. Enter the Workspace ONE UEM account user name.

    Password .

    Enter the corresponding password.

  7. Select Next.
  8. The Summary page allows you to Download File of the PDF. You can also View PDF to see a preview of your QR Code Format selections.