All critical data and configurations for Workspace ONE UEM are stored in the database and this is the data tier of the solution. Workspace ONE UEM databases are based on the Microsoft SQL server platform.

Microsoft provides multiple options to maintain a highly available SQL Server Environment. Depending on IT Policy, one or more of the recommended options can be implemented.

You can configure HA for your database servers using whatever method meets your policies or needs. Workspace ONE UEM has no dependency upon your HA configuration for database servers. However, Workspace ONE UEM strongly recommends you have some type of failover for high availability and disaster recovery scenarios, since all your device data is stored there.

Workspace ONE UEM supports failover clustering to achieve high availability of your database servers.

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The SQL Server AlwaysOn capability combines failover clustering with database mirroring and log shipping. AlwaysOn allows for multiple read copies of your database and a single copy for read-write operations.

For more information about AlwaysOn functionality, see

If you have the bandwidth to support the traffic generated by Workspace ONE UEM, the Workspace ONE UEM database supports AlwaysOn. The following AlwaysOn functionality has been tested for support:

  • Database in an Availability Group
  • Availability Group failover
  • Secondary Replica promotion to Primary
  • Synchronous Replication

For more information about deploying AlwaysOn, see Database Server Prerequisites .