You can import administrator roles saved from another environment as an XML file, making admin roles a portable resource, which can save time.

To import a role into a separate Workspace ONE ™ UEM environment.

  1. Navigate to Accounts > Administrators > Roles and select Import Role.
  2. In the Import Role page, select Browse and locate the previously saved XML file. Select Upload to upload the admin role to the Category listing for validation.
  3. Workspace ONE UEM performs a series of validation checks including an XML file check, importing role permission check, duplicate role name check, and blank name and description check.
  4. Check the resource settings and verify their imported role specifications by selecting specific Categories in the left pane.
  5. You may also edit the resources and the Name and Description of the imported role based on your needs. If you want to keep both the existing role and the imported role, then rename the existing admin role before importing the new role.
    1. If the role you are importing is named the same as an existing role in your environment, then a message displays. " A role with this name exists in this environment. Would you Like to override the existing role? "
    2. If you select No, then the existing role in your environment remains untouched and the role import is canceled.
    3. If you select Yes, then you are prompted for the security PIN, which if entered correctly, replaces the existing role with the imported role.
  6. Select Save to apply the imported role to the new environment.