The installation and configuration of the Remote Management Service changes based on your deployment model. On-premises customers must install and configure a Remote Management Server, while SaaS customers need only configure the AirWatch Agent settings to meet their business needs.

Configuring the Remote Management Service for on-premises deployments requires extra steps to use with your specific deployment. To use the Remote Management Service in an on-premises configuration, you must install the service on a server. Consider installing the Remote Management Service on its own server. Before you install the server, you must configure the installer to communicate with the AirWatch Console.

If you are a SaaS customer who wants to use an on-premises solution for your Remote Management Server, follow the steps detailed in this section.

Consider configuring the installer in the Global organization group (OG). Child OGs inherit settings configured in the Global OG.


A single instance of a Remote Management server can only have one signer certificate per environment. You need one certificate for the Global organization group or any specific child organization group. If you need a separate RMS for the different organization group levels, you must configure separate Remote Management servers for each instance.