The PowerShell scripts are designed to streamline the Advanced Remote Management server installation. These scripts gather information and create settings on the server.


Take the following steps before running the PowerShell scripts.

  1. Log in to the Advanced Remote Management Server as an administrator.
  2. Disable User Access Control (UAC).
  3. Install Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.2.
  4. PowerShell commands must be run within an administrator PowerShell window.


The following PowerShell script files are included in the installer package. They are listed here together but their execution has been prescribed in the Advanced Remote Management Requirements section earlier in the guide.

  • Install Features.ps1 – Installs Windows features on the ARM server.
  • Install AD_DNS.ps1 – Installs active directory and domain name service features when both are running on the same server only. This script is only needed if external AD/DNS is not available.
  • Setup AD.ps1 – Configures active directory to work with ARM.
  • Setup DNS.ps1 – Configures domain name service to work with ARM.