You must perform several tasks to configure and install the VMware AirWatch Cloud Connector in your internal network.

  1. (On-premises customers only) Install Secure Channel Certificate on AWCM – On-premises customers must install a Secure Channel Certificate to establish security between the AWCM and the following components: AirWatch Console, Device Services, API, and the Self-Service Portal.
  2. Establish Communications with AWCM – SaaS and on-premises customers should establish communications with AWCM. Performing this action allows you to configure an AirWatch instance to use a particular AWCM server.
  3. Enable VMware AirWatch Cloud Connector from the AirWatch Console – Before you install VMware AirWatch Cloud Connector, you must first enable it, generate certificates, and select the enterprise services and AirWatch services to be integrated. After completing this step, you can install VMware AirWatch Cloud Connector.
  4. Run the VMware AirWatch Cloud Connector Installer – Run the VMware AirWatch Cloud Connector installer on your configured server that meets all of the prerequisites.
  5. Verify a Successfull VMware AirWatch Cloud Connector Installation – After you install VMware AirWatch Cloud Connector you can verify a successful installation from within the AirWatch Console.