The Remote Management Service allows you to connect to end-user devices remotely to aid in troubleshooting and maintenance. The Remote Management Service installs onto a Windows server during the initial AirWatch installation as a go-between for the AirWatch Console and the end-user device.

Remote Management for SaaS customers does not require an on-premises installation. SaaS customers must configure the AirWatch Agent and AirWatch Console settings only for the device platforms they want to use. See Remote Management Agent Settings for more information.

On-premises customers must install and configure the Remote Management Service onto a server before using the Remote Management functionality. Hybrid SaaS customers can install their own Remote Management Server.

Remote Management v4.0 is an enhanced version of remote management with more features and functionality. Ensure your version of AirWatch includes these features by contacting your account representative.


VMware AirWatch is preparing Remote Management version 3.0 for its end-of-life event, including last order date, availability, and support. For details about this transition, see For a viable and advanced replacement, see Introduction to Advanced Remote Management.