Workspace ONE UEM can distribute public, internal, and purchased (VPP) books to large numbers of iOS devices. Device users can install books from their book catalog and display them either in the iBook application or Safari. The tool used to view the book depends on the type of book and whether it is managed. The system can display books acquired from the app store, internal organizational resources, or from Apple's Volume Purchase Program (VPP).

Basics of Books

To deploy books to devices, the environment must meet a few requirements for platform, operating system, and access. See Requirements to Deploy Books With Workspace ONE UEM for information.

Upload Internal and Public Books

You can upload internal, public, and purchased (VPP) books to the Workspace ONE UEM console. View the applicable topic for steps to add books.

Add Purchased Books

The Apple VPP enables organizations to purchase iBooks for distribution. It displays these acquired books on the Purchased tab. For a list of supported OS versions and book types, see Deploy Books Acquired from Apple's VPP.

Books support the managed distribution by Apple IDs method and the redemption code method for deployment.

Managed Distribution by Apple IDs

The managed distribution model by Apple IDs uses service tokens (also called sTokens) to retrieve your VPP contents and to distribute them to devices using the UEM console.

For an outline of how to use this distribution method, see Managed Distribution and Workspace ONE UEM.


Workspace ONE UEM cannot revoke licenses for books.

Redemption Code Deployment Method

The redemption code deployment method uses codes from a spreadsheet to retrieve your VPP contents and to distribute them to devices using the Workspace ONE UEM console. Use this method if your deployment consists of devices running iOS 6 or earlier. For an outline of how to use this distribution method, see Redemption Codes and Workspace ONE UEM.

Manage Books

Workspace ONE UEM can manage internal books for Apple iOS 8+ when you mark the book as Is Managed. For a list of the formats Workspace ONE UEM can manage, see Deploy and Manage Internal Books with Workspace ONE UEM.

You have views and pages available to manage books.

Use the List View as a central location to sort, filter, and search for data for books. See List View Option Descriptions for Books.

Use the Manage Devices option to install and remove many internal books at once and to notify large numbers of iOS devices at once about books. See Manage Internal Books .

Book Catalog

You must deploy a book catalog to your end-users so that they can access books. The system pushes all books on-demand so users need the catalog to retrieve book assets. For configuration details, see Configure a Book Catalog to Deploy Books to Devices.