Workspace ONE UEM groups applications as Native and Web. This design reflects the integration with the VMware Identity Manager system and the Workspace ONE platform.

Native applications are those application types that Workspace ONE UEM has included in previous versions, internal, public, and purchased.

Web applications include SaaS applications and Web Links applications. See Web Applications Overview for more information on these application types.

Application Type Descriptions

To find out what Workspace ONE UEM supports for platforms and operating systems, see Application Types and Supported Platforms.

Application Types

Internal applications are usually developed by your organization and are not found in app stores. For content concerning internal applications, see Internal Applications Overview.

Public applications are usually developed by third parties and are available free or purchased from an app store. For content concerning public applications, see Public Applications Overview.

Purchased applications are available to buy from Apple's Volume Purchased Program (VPP). For content concerning purchased applications, see Purchased Applications (Apple VPP) Feature Overview.