To distribute public applications and custom business to business (B2B) applications to large deployments of Apple iOS and macOS devices, integrate Apple's Volume Purchase Program (VPP) and Workspace ONE UEM.

The Apple VPP enables organizations to purchase publicly available applications for distribution. Any paid application from the App Store is available for purchase, in volume, at the existing App Store price. Custom B2B applications can be free or purchased at a price set by the developer. If your organization uses free public applications collected through the Apple VPP, Workspace ONE UEM can distribute these applications, as well.

See the Volume Purchase Program for Businessand the Volume Purchase Program for Education on the Apple website for availability by country and other details.

Basics of Purchased Applications

For a general overview of the steps to buy applications from Apple and to add and deploy VPP applications to the console, see Deploy VPP Process.

Apple offers several methods to deploy VPP applications. The operating system, the type of content, and the method of deployment are related. For a matrix outlining which VPP deployment methods are available by content type and operating system version, see Supported Content for Purchased Applications.

VPP Application Deployment Methods

Managed Distribution by Device Serial Number

If your VPP deployment consists of iOS 9+ or macOS 10.11+ devices, you can assign VPP applications by device serial number. This method offers management benefits including not having to manage Apple IDs and the ability to reuse licenses. See Managed Distribution by Device Serial Number for more information.

For information on enabling automatic updates for device-based VPP applications, see Update Device-Based VPP Applications Manually or Automatically and Update Challenge for Device-Based VPP Applications.

Managed Distribution by Apple IDs

The managed distribution model by Apple IDs uses service tokens (also called sTokens) to retrieve your VPP contents and to distribute them to devices using the Workspace ONE UEM console. This method enables the reuse of licenses. See Managed Distribution and Workspace ONE UEM for an outline of the steps to use this deployment method.

Redemption Code Deployment Method

The redemption code deployment method uses codes from a spreadsheet to retrieve your VPP contents and to distribute them to devices using the UEM console. Use this method if your deployment consists of devices running iOS 6 or earlier. For an outline of the steps to upload the redemption codes spreadsheet and deploy VPP applications to devices, see Redemption Codes and Workspace ONE UEM.

Deploy Custom B2B Applications with VPP

You can deploy custom B2B applications bought through the VPP, but the ability to manage these applications depends on whether you deploy with redemption codes or managed distribution. See Custom B2B Applications and Apple's VPP for details.