To take the advantage of the Workspace ONE experience, integrate Workspace ONE UEM and VMware Identity Manager. You can use it as a unified app catalog to distribute numerous types of applications.

Basics of Workspace ONE

Control access to applications with managed access and open access. For an explanation of these access types, see Workspace ONE UEM Applications and Workspace ONE.

View a matrix that outlines what applications and platforms support open and managed access in Supported Platforms for Open and Managed Access.

For instructions on how to add public applications for the deployment through Workspace ONE, see Add Public Applications from an App Store for Deployment With Workspace ONE.

For more information about configuring managed access options for internal applications, see Adding an Assignment to an Internal Application.

Workspace ONE Catalog and Workspace ONE UEM-Only Mode

You can configure the Workspace ONE catalog to fetch resources to Workspace ONE UEM from VMware Identity Manager. Integrate VMware Identity Manager and Workspace ONE UEM and then set the Fetch option. You do not have to set up other features in VMware Identity Manager such as activating a directory, setting up authentication, or setting up access policies.

For information about this feature, see the topic Using Workspace ONE UEM-Only Mode for Access to Workspace ONE Catalog on