Mobile Content Management helps you to securely deploy content to a wide variety of end-user devices. Use the Workspace ONE UEM Console to create, sync, or enable a file store known as a repository.

File Storage Support and Repositories Types

Mobile Content Management supports different types of repositories and can be configured to work with your existing corporate infrastructure.

Supported Storage Options

Workspace ONE UEM Mobile Content Management supports deployment and storage of multiple file types. For more information about the supported file types and storage options, see Overview of Storage Options by Content Type.

Corporate File Server Support

Configure Mobile Content Management with Corporate File Servers to share content from the repositories within your organization's internal network with the end user. For more information about Corporate File Servers and how to configure them, see Overview of Corporate File Servers.

Deployment Using AirWatch Managed Content Repository

Use the AirWatch Managed Content Repository if you want AirWatch administrators to manage the repository depending on your storage options and deployment model. To learn more about AirWatch Managed Content repository, see Overview of AirWatch Managed Content Repository.

Personal Content Repository for the End-User

You can choose to provide the end user a repository where the user can store and manage their personal content. To learn how to enable and provide permissions for using the Personal Content repository, see Overview of Personal Content Repository.

VMware Content Locker

The content from AirWatch Console is deployed from the console to end user devices with the VMware Content Locker app. For more information about VMware Content Locker app, see VMware Content Locker.

The VMware Content Locker can also be installed and configured to work with desktops. For more information about VMware Content Locker for desktop, see AirWatch Content Apps for Desktop.

Managing Mobile Content

Use AirWatch Console for secure deployment of different content types like documents (multiple types and formats), and videos across end user devices using the VMware Content Locker app.

You can leverage the AirWatch Content Management dashboard to view and manage your entire content deployment. AirWatch Content Management dashboard offers list view, deployment options, and management options which can be used to deploy, sync, edit, and delete end user content. For more information about Mobile Content Management dashboard and content management settings, see Mobile Content Management Dashboard and Settings for Content Management.