Set up your application and test the setup. Perform setup steps in the listed order to reduce issues with integration.

1. Initialize

Add code to import the SDK and to run the correct protocol. Then start the SDK and setup the callback scheme. See Initialize the AirWatch SDK for iOS (Swift) for the steps.

2. Set AWController Delegate Callback Methods

Read about the optional delegate callback methods that are part of the AWController in Required and Optional AWController Delegate Callback Methods.

3. Set Keychain Sharing

Enabled keychain sharing allows applications to share a single sign on session and to share data.

4. Cluster Session Management

Share passcode and single sign on sessions in clusters of applications with the SDK if you set up keychain sharing. See Cluster Session Management and Reduced Flip Behavior for SSO in the AirWatch SDK for iOS (Swift) for details.

5. Configure the AWSDKDefaultSettings.Plist

Use entries in the AWSDKDefaultSettings.PLIST to customize the application with AirWatch SDK for iOS (Swift) features. See the entries listed in Entries to Set in the AWSDKDefaultSettings.plist.

6. Test the SDK Setup

Test the integration of your application with the AirWatch SDK , including the delivery of profiles from the Workspace ONE UEM console to your application. See Test the Integration and Functions of Applications for testing steps.