The available settings for the Launcher profile varies depending on if you are opted into Android using EMM Registration or using Android (Legacy).

For deploying AirWatch Launcher as a Work Managed device, see Launcher Device Settings Matrix for Android Deployment. To use AirWatch Launcher for Android (Legacy) deployment, see Launcher Device Settings Matrix for Android (Legacy) Deployment.

Setting Description
Administrative Passcode
Administrative Passcode Set a passcode to allow authorized users to perform admin tasks on the device. This passcode is provided only to authorized users. The profile cannot be saved unless an administrative passcode is entered.
Persist Admin Passcode If Launcher Profile Is Removed From Device Require the passcode to be entered if the Launcher profile has been removed from the device.
Icon Settings
Prevent Icon Rearranging Enable to disable users from moving icons around on the Launcher screen from the device.
Icon Size Select as Small, Medium, or Large to determine how an icon appears on the display.
Device Preferences
App Icons Allow app icons on the device home screen.
Settings Allow device network and other granular settings to be enabled.
Utilities Allow devices management settings to be enabled.
Hardware Keys Enable or disable hardware keys on the device.
Quick Launch Icons Allow shortcut icons on the device home screen.