Manage your created files/actions to keep products and devices up-to-date.

Edit Files/Actions

When you edit any existing files/actions, the version number increases. After saving the edits, Workspace ONE ™ UEM runs a check against all active products to find any that contain the newly edited files/actions.

If any active products contain the files/actions, a warning prompt displays listing all active products affected by the edited files/actions. You can then choose to Activate or Deactivate a product using the files/actions.

Delete Files/Actions

Workspace ONE UEM checks any attempt to delete files/actions against the list of active products.

To delete files/actions, it must be detached from all products.

  1. Select the Files/Actions listed in the Warning prompt.
  2. Select Edit.
  3. Remove the files/actions from the product.
  4. Select Save.
  5. Repeat for all products containing the files/actions.
  6. Once the files/actions detaches from all products, you can delete the files/actions.

If the files/actions is part of an active product, a warning prompt displays listing any product that uses the files/actions.