The Content Gateway Linux installer downloads the required packages when it is connected to the Internet. If your server is offline or has restricted outbound access, then you must run certain commands on your Content Gateway server before you install.

CentOS Linux

For CentOS/RHEL 7.x systems, you must install the epel-release rpm to install packages through yum.

Apart from the downloaded packages, there are a few packages of RPM format that is packaged with the Content Gateway installer. If these packages fail to install, then run the following commands.

Package Command



sudo yum install -y gnutls



sudo yum install -y protobuf

SuSE Linux

Similar to CentOS Linux systems, you must run the commands on SuSE Linux systems if the RPM packages that are part of the Content Gateway installer fails to install.

Package Command



Zypper ar -C -G -f gnutls_repo

Zypper install -y libgnutls28

Zypper rr gnutls_repo



Zypper ar -C -G -f protobuf_repo

Zypper install -y libprotobuf8

Zypper rr protobuf_repo