Select Offline Access to give users access to SDK-built applications when not connected to the network.

See Supported Settings and Policies Options for the SDK to find out which default settings the SDK supports. Find the matrix in the Workspace ONE UEM Mobile Application Management Guide. To know what default settings Workspace ONE UEM applications support, see the topics for that specific application.

  1. Navigate to Groups & Settings > All Settings > Apps > Settings and Policies > SDK App Compliance.
  2. Select  Enabled for SDK App Compliance to access the offline access menu items.

    If you disable this setting, you disable Offline Access.

  3. Select Enabled to give devices access to resources when not on the network.
  4. In the Maximum Period Allowed Offline text box, set the time limit for offline access before the device requires reauthentication to the network and applications.

  5. The Block or Wipe functions are read-only. Offline Access always uses the Block function when the SDK identifies the parameter set for Maximum Period Allowed Offline. The Block function prevents user access to SDK-built applications.

For more topics about the SDK and mobile application management, see MAM Functionality With SDK Functions.

SDK App Compliance and Offline Access Configurations and SDK Behavior

The SDK restricts or allows offline access depending on the configurations for SDK App Compliance and Offline Access.

SDK App Compliance Offline Access Behavior


Maximum Period Allowed = time

The SDK allows offline access and then executes the Block action when the access time meets the time set.
Enabled Disabled The SDK prevents offline access.
Disabled Disabled due to SDK App Compliance configuration The SDK prevents offline access.