Digital certificates provide optimal protection for securing your corporate assets. Certificates offer a level of stability, security, and sophistication with which passwords cannot compete. Certificate Management by Workspace ONE UEM ensures security throughout the lifecycle of a device.

As you complete the configuration of Workspace ONE UEM and VMware Identity Manager, you are provided with the option to accept the default digital certificate authority, Workspace ONE UEM CA, which comes built-in to each Workspace ONE UEM installation.

However, you may prefer a third-party CA solution to handle device security. Workspace ONE UEM supports many third-party certificate authorities.

This guide gives you the instructions to configure the CA of your choice to work with VMware Identity Manager, Workspace ONE UEM, and Mobile Single Sign-On. Such instructions include the following.

  • Inserting custom parameters in the SAN extension.
  • Once the certificate template has been customized to accommodate your third-party CA, where to attach it.
  • Explanations of CRL, OCSP, and how to use them with VMware Identity Manager certificate adapters.
  • How to configure authentication methods so that VMware Identity Manager recognizes and trusts your third-party certificate authority.