Integration with Socialcast allows the end user upload their Personal Content to Socialcast. Integration requires configurations in both the UEM console and the Socialcast Admin Console.

Generating an API token in the UEM Console

  1. Navigate to Groups & Settings > All Settings > System > Advanced > API > Rest API > Add.
  2. Complete the text boxes that appear.

    Setting Description
    Service Enter Socialcast as the service name.
    Account Type Select Admin from the drop-down menu.
    API Key Copy the key that automatically generates. Upload this key into Socialcast.
  3. Select Save to generate your token.

Uploading the API token in the Socialcast Admin Console

  1. Log into the Socialcast Admin Console.

    For more information on setting up a Socialcast Community, see

  2. Navigate to the Security tab.

    For more information on Security configurations for Socialcast, see

  3. Enable Content Locker attachments and complete the text boxes.

    Setting Description
    AirWatch Domain Provide the URL of your Workspace ONE UEM instance.
    API Key Paste the API key you copied from the UEM console into the text box.